The fabric relaxing machine serves as a valuable tool in the fabric manufacturing process, effectively minimizing stress and deformations to enhance the overall quality and visual appeal of the fabric. This versatile machine is utilized for various fabric materials, including silk, linen, cotton, polyester, and nylon, both during pre-processing and post-processing stages.  <a href=””>fabric relaxing machine</a>

Typically, the fabric is carefully positioned within a spacious frame upon entering the machine. Through the implementation of diverse transmission mechanisms, the fabric experiences unrestricted relaxation within the frame, thus mitigating internal stress and deformation. To achieve optimal results, the relaxing machine offers the flexibility to adjust relaxation levels and duration based on specific fabric materials and processing requirements.

With its widespread utilization in the textile industry and garment manufacturing sector, the fabric relaxing machine significantly contributes to enhanced fabric quality, comfort, and overall production efficiency, while concurrently reducing losses and minimizing wastage during the manufacturing process.


SUNTECH Fabric Relaxing Machine Performs Several Vital Functions:

  1. Fabric Feeding: It smoothly feeds fabric without causing tension by unwinding it from two separate rollers driven by motors and inverters.
  2. Lazy Loop Control: The fabric passes through a photocell-controlled lazy loop, allowing it to return to its original state.
  3. Air-Flotation Relaxation: The machine features an air-flotation zone that effectively relaxes the fabric, significantly reducing processing time.
  4. Compatible Output: The resulting fabric roll is compatible with automatic spreading machines, saving both time and space during further processing.
  5. Automatic Edge Alignment: The machine’s Automatic Edge-alignment System ensures that alignment errors at the edges are minimal, with deviations less than 6mm.
  6. Accurate Length Counting: It provides precise length counting in yards/meters, with counting errors of no more than 0.1m/km.
  7. Optional Width Measurement: An optional Automatic Width Measuring Device enables online measurements of fabric width.
  8. Automatic Weight Measurement: The machine’s Automatic Weight Device allows for precise measurement of fabric weights up to 1000-2000kgs.
  9. Innovation and Optimization: SUNTECH Textile Machinery strives for innovation, enhancing the machine’s functionality beyond regular fabric relaxing effects. It now includes an optimized vibrating table.
  10. Tension Release: As the fabric reaches the air duct on the conveyor belt, the vibrating table and airflow operate together, gently shaking the fabric to fully release any remaining tension. This ensures that every inch of the fabric is free from tension and prevents shrinkage during subsequent processing.

Overall, the ST-FRM-VI machine provides comprehensive features and functionalities, optimizing fabric relaxation and ensuring high-quality results for the textile industry.

FAQ about SUNTECH Fabric Relaxing Machine

Q1: What is the typical waiting period for fabric to be sent to the cutting section after utilizing our ST-FRM-VI?

A: Normally, customers are advised to allow a laying time of 6 to 24 hours before cutting the fabric using the standard or manual relaxing method. However, it is noteworthy that many customers can proceed with cutting the fabric immediately after employing our machine to relax it.

Q2: Which types of fabric are suitable for relaxation on our ST-FRM-VI?

A: Our ST-FRM-VI is designed to accommodate various fabric types, particularly elastic knitted fabric and woven fabric containing spandex, such as denim. If customers have concerns about the relaxation performance, we offer the option to enhance the air blowing motor, resulting in more efficient fabric relaxation, albeit at an additional cost.

Q3: What is the reason behind using our ST-FRM-VI for elastic knitted fabric? Does it have the ability to control shrinkage in knitted fabrics?

A: The primary purpose of our Roll to Roll Fabric Relaxing Machine is to significantly reduce fabric laying time. By utilizing our machine, we can assure customers that they will achieve a similar fabric relaxation performance as they would with a 24-hour manual relaxing method.

However, it’s important to note that if a customer’s fabric shrinkage issue cannot be resolved by a 24-hour laying time, our ST-FRM-VI cannot provide a solution either. As a relaxing machine, it does not have the capability to control fabric shrinkage.

For addressing shrinkage control issues, it is advisable for customers to address them during the finishing stage, such as utilizing a stenter machine. Our machine solely focuses on fabric relaxation through the use of air, and all relaxing machines operate on the same principle.

Q4: What is the installation process for the machine?

A: Our machines are shipped as complete units, alleviating any concerns regarding installation. Customers simply need to engage an engineer to perform minor installation tasks and correctly connect the wires according to the provided circuit diagram. Once these steps are completed, the machine is ready for use.

Q5: What about the after-sales service?

A: We offer a 12-month warranty from the date of shipment, excluding wearing parts. If any parts are damaged due to quality issues within the warranty period, we will provide new parts free of charge. Should you encounter any problems with the machine, please feel free to contact us, and our professional service team will provide support to resolve the issue promptly.

SUNTECH Textile Machinery wholeheartedly recognize the profound impact of digitization and technology across diverse sectors, encompassing healthcare, education, and workplace environments. As a result, we maintain an unwavering dedication to fostering innovation, consistently at the forefront of technological progress. We seamlessly incorporate these advancements into our textile machinery, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled value and forward-thinking solutions that anticipate future needs

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